P   A   N   G   E   A


No listing banners or text ads, assigning or converting credits.

Is there a login reward?
Yes, you get 100 credits when you login for the day.

How many credits do I get for clicking email ads?
50-65 credits per email ad (It is 15+50 = 65 if you click an egg prize along with it). You can accept them in your own email box, or click them on the site.

What is the egg I see sometimes, when I click an email ad?
When you see it, click it. It gives free credits PLUS free "clicks". Meaning, clicks getting you closer to hatching an egg.

Hatching an Egg?
As you click email ads, and reach a goal you get free credits for your email ad bundles. Example: You click 100 and you will get a bonus of 500.
There a 8 goals, the more you reach the more you get.
When you reach 5000, your egg will show that it has hatched and you'll get something really BIG. Your sponsor will get something also.

How many credits does it take to email my ad?
It uses a flat rate of 10,000 credits and you can pick a group to send to. Each group has 23,000 or more members to email to (there are 5 groups or sets of members) and you can choose which one to email to. The system also REMEMBERS which one you most previously emailed too also. So... it is LESS than 1 credit to email a member. It usually costs 1 credit to email one person. This is 1/2 or LESS per person. Not only that, it shows your banner and text ad along with that 10000 credit spend.

POPULATE? What do you mean when I send my email ad, it populates the site?
This site saves your email ads.
While filling out the form, it also asks you for a 125x125 banner and url.

When you want to email an ad out, you just choose which email ad to send.
It sends the email ad, it posts your banner, and the subject line is also posted as a textad on all referral pages and in the members area.

Then, when another member sends their email ad - the subject line of your email is in included in their email ad as it sends out! (That is the piggyback advertising part).

This really, really saves time. You dont have to list banner and text ads as it will explode/populate when you send an email ad. (and you dont have to retype your email ad because they were saved earlier).

Can I turn off email ads and not read/click on the site instead?
Yes, of course. In the members area, it is to the right of the page. You will see a red ball image and "TURN OFF EMAIL ADS".

Can anyone save ads? Can I edit my email my ads?
Yes, of course, even free members. If you want to edit one, it is really easy to do. No need to retype it all out again (or copy and paste).

I had an upgrade from one of the previous sites, is it upgraded here?
Yes, it was carried over to this site. It is NOT matched by dollar amount as in alot of cases it did not 'match' the dollar amount here.
So I went by matching how old the previous site was, how active it was, the method of the old site compared to this, how big/small the site was compared to this and the email tool itself.

Referrals went by year - on who got them first. The oldest site (out of the 23 sites merged together, one was NINE years old and a couple others were 8 years old, 1 site was 7 years old and so on.)
Many people had the same username on several sites but had different sponsors, so it went by year. Any duplicate usernames were merged into one account, and then I merged duplicate IP's into one account if they had a different username.

Also, previous credits were converted into these credits.

Can I email my referrals and communicate with them?
Yes, you can every week - you can email ALL and email individually a message. It is not a safelist on that page, do not send outright ads or I switch your account to wait 1000 days until the next use of it. It is meant to COMMUNICATE to them about the site, about you. You can list your sites in it and your email address if you want to, but just don't make it into an outright ad.

Do you provide materials so I can advertise and refer sales?
Yes, you have several banners, email ad and 2 referals pages that you can use. You have the normal referral page and a mini referral page in which is named "The Eye". It is unusual and you will see what I mean when you see it (it ....watches...)

I want to upgrade, is it for lifetime?
Yes, it is. Unless you choose the monthly account at 17.99

Can I trade commissions that you owe me for an upgrade here?
Yes, of course you can. Just open a support ticket and tell me what to do.

I bought but my account is not upgraded?
DO NOT WORRY. I will upgrade your account manually. It's not unusual and the cause can be for all sorts of reasons. Your browser closed unexpectantly, the payment site did not return you and glitched, or my site glitched or went into a reboot of the server.

I'm confused, I can't find anything?
Take your time and get to know the site. You will not see a copies of this site and it's layout or methods elsewhere so give yourself some time. Its like a person, you do not know everything about a new person from the start. You have to get to know them.

How do I contact the owner - ticket support?
To contact Maryanne Myers, use the support ticket system at the "main hub" site: webstars2k ticket system

This just opened? How does it have so many members?
In April 2017, twenty three sites that was an old advertising method, outdated and I deemed a php security risk were closed and all members were moved to this new website. This site was created just for it.

These are the sites that were moved to Pangea: ListShock, Rock-Star-Traffic, BloxTraffic, Mixnmatchcash, MegaBoxBucks, DirtCheapMailer, Safe-list-monster, RevoList, HappyFaceMailer, BillBoardCash, Popitads, Ptcwings, PassGoForCash, Hawkresponder, Zoommoola, Green-Elist, Logindollars, Hot-response-now, Pay-U-List, Marvel-E-Mail, Trade-A-List, SuperCashFFA and Hooklistmail

Those outdated advertising methods are replaced with Pangea Super Safelist.

Also, EACH one of the older sites were 100% custom programmed by me and were unique, so they could not just be rebought or updated somewhere. So to provide a better service, I programmed a new site and merged them together in what reminded me of a Pangea so it's called "Pangea".

"Pangea" meaning:
Millions of years ago all of the continents were together as one as a super continent. Millions of years into the future they will be one again.

How do I delete my account?
Login, go to the members menu. Scroll to the very end of the page.

Can I use this for Free?
Yes of course you can.

Can I use earn commissions for Free?
Yes you can, you get between 10-50% of referred upgrades and you also get $1 per banner ad spot sold to show on your referral page. Owner does not make any money from your banner spot sales, unless owner referred that member. They are only a dollar and last a week, so you probably see how fast they can sell for you!

How do you pay commissions?
Several methods are used to pay commissions or you can trade them for upgrades on this site or others I own.

Are non-english sites OK?
Yes, of course they are.

What sites can I NOT advertise?
No porn and images of sex or sexual stuff. This just is not the audience for it. No hate filled sites of politics or etc. No blackhat, viruses or auto downloads, no sites with multiple popups or any sort of traps.

Who is the owner?
It is Maryanne Myers and in business since 1998. I'm the programmer, designer, marketer, support person and sole owner of the advertising network. This website is part of the Webstars2k.com Advertising Network (formally under "Webstars International LLC" or "Webstars2000.com").

Enjoy the site, I really do hope you get results from the advertising :-)